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MIL STD 790 Certification

AS9100 Certified

AS9100 Certification

We manufacture and distribute electrical connectors:

Military Connectors
iso9002-certificationAerospace Connectors
Rail/Transit Connectors
HMI Lighting Connectors
Solar Connectors
Robotics/ Industrial Connectors
Commercial Connectors
Special Applications




Electrical Connector Distributor and Supplier in the USA

Authorized Distributor for Corsair, Souriau, Preci-Dip, Ulti-Mate, Sunbank, Reiku and more

souriau-connectorsWith decades of experience, our company is one of the most reliable electrical connector distributors and suppliers in the USA; if you look for an authorized distributor for Corsair, Souriau, Preci-Dip, Ulti-Mate, Sunbank, or Reiku, please contact us for more info or to Request a Quote. Over the years we have developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of military connectors, industrial connectors, railway / road transportation and HMI lighting connectors in order to serve customers in various industries.

Our prices are very competitive and many of the products are available for same day shipping. With our knowledge and experience in a very large diversity of electrical connectors, we can be a valuable sunbank-backshellssource for years to come. We continously add to our product lines and we look forward to become your:

  • Military Connector Distributor and Supplier
  • Aerospace Connector Distributor and Supplier
  • Industrial Connector Distributor and Supplier
  • Harsh Environment Connector Distributor and Supplier
  • Railway Connector Distributor and Suppliercorsair-connectors
  • Transportation / Transit Connector Distributor and Supplier
  • HMI Lighting Connector Distributor and Supplier

Custom Multi Pin Circular Connectors, Multi-Pin Rectangular Connectors, Connector Parts, Tools, Accessories and Conduit Systems

Interconnect products such as Multi Pin Circular Connectors, Multi Pin Rectangular Connectors, Connector Parts, Tools, Accessories and Conduit Systems are available in both standard and custom configurations. OEMs often need custom electrical connectors to suit their overall speicifications, such as operational or environmental. Our specialists are ready to help you find the best solutions at the lowest prices.Astro-tool

Become our Connector Distributor / Connector Dealer

If you are interested to become our Connector Distributor or Connector Dealer, please contact us to discuss opportunities in the USA and abroad. Please see below some of our products:


    • MIL-DTL5015 - MS3100 to MS3108mencom-connectors


    • MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2 - MS3470 to MS3476
    • MIL-DTL-5015 - MS3450 to MS3459


    • MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 - MS3110 to MS3116preci-dip-contacts
    • MIL-DTL-38999, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3
    • 851 Series Connectors


    • MIL-DTL-39029 as per AS39029


    • MIL-DTL-83513ultimate-connectors


    • For all your backshells needs


    • Conduit systems works like PMA Conduit

About Spacecraft Components Corp.Reiku-conduit

Spacecraft Components Corp. designs, manufactures and distributes circular connectors used in railways/transit, military, aerospace, industrial and various harsh environment markets. With high quality products, friendly and talented engineering and technical sales resources, a huge searchable database of circular connectors and excellent customer support, Spacecraft can be your connector supplier of choice.

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