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Kings Electronics Connectors

Commercial and Military King Connectors

We offer commercial and military King connectors. Please see below a small cross reference for mil spec connectors produced by Kings Electronics.

Military Connector Part Cross Reference

Military Part NumberKings' Part Number
M39012/20-0101 756-9-5
M39012/20-0102 756-12-5
M39012/20-0502 KC-59-418
M39012/20-0503 KC-59-419
M39012/20-0504 KC-59-420
M39012/20B0003 KC-59-246
M39012/21-0001 KC-79-105
M39012/21-0002 KC-79-106
M39012/24-0001 KC-79-107
M39012/24-0002 KC-79-108
M39012/25-0006 KC-89-87
M39012/25-0007 KC-89-88
M39012/25-0011 KN-89-30
M39012/25-0012 KN-89-31
M39012/25-0015 KC-89-92

Our Advantages
Stocking all major QPL approved connector manufacturers
Supplying small quantity modifications to standard connector products
Quick delivery for small quantities of prototype connectors
Many hard-to-find and out-of-production connectors
Off-the-shelf or custom-configured connectors
Free Connector Consultation Service
Lifetime Warranty
Now manufacturing Reverse Bayonet connectors!

Our company at a glance

We manufacture and distribute commercial and military connectors and connector accessories for the aerospace, airline, electro-mechanical, rail transportation, lighting, computer, and electronic industries.

We have in stock electrical connectors from Aero Electric, Amphenol, Bendix, Burndy, Cannon, Deutsch, Flight Connector, G & H Technology, ITT Cannon, Matrix, Pyle-National, Radiall, RMS, Souriau, Trans Technology, TRW Cinch, Veam, etc. In addition, we have connectors for Airbus, Boeing and Douglass Aircraft.

We are an authorized distributor for: Astro Tool, ECI Technology, Commital, Glenair, Robert Technologies and Components Corp. Manufacturing.

For the proprietary part numbers found in this site, we can supply connectors to the standard configurations shown herein or connectors reconfigured to meet the most stringent special requirements. These changes include but are not limited to, different materials, finishes, accessory and insert configurations not offered by other connector manufacturers as part of their standard product line.

We reconfigure connectors to meet customer requirements by using Components Corp. of other QPL manufacturers. We can assemble a custom or special connector to meet your specifications at a lower cost and reduced delivery time.

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